About the Seminar


2017 marks the 10th Alessi Seminar in the United States!

The Alessi Seminar is a seven-day trombone extravaganza led by the Principal Trombonist of the New York Philharmonic, Joseph Alessi. The Seminar began in 1999, and for several years was held at Nyack College in Mr. Alessi’s hometown of Nyack, New York. Success and growth of the Seminar necessitated moving to the University of New Mexico, a facility more able to host the growing numbers and concerts. The continued success of the event has now led to moving it around the country. The next host was the University of Alabama and now the University of Oregon. We are thrilled to be in the great city of Eugene, Oregon!

What happens at the Alessi Seminar?

Trombonists of all ages and experience levels meet and learn from the faculty of Joseph Alessi, Peter Ellefson, Jonathan Whitaker and Henry Henniger. This team has worked together for many years to create what we believe to be the most important week in trombone. Split into four categories, there is ample opportunity for the attendees to learn from each of these proven players and teachers. The Participant (Alessi) and Fellow (Ellefson) classes are chosen by recorded audition and are frequently comprised of highly advanced college-aged students as well as young professionals looking to learn the skills necessary to carry them to the next level. The Auditor class requires no audition and has access to all of the same information as the other classes. Players from major orchestras have also been Auditors. In 2015, a successful class was added for high school students to expose them to what the greater trombone playing universe looks like. There are daily masterclasses by each of the faculty and the solo recital by Mr. Alessi is always the highlight. Other features are group warm-ups, trombone choir, trombone quartets and orchestral section coaching. It is a terrific week of trombone and camaraderie, in a beautiful setting.

We love the phrase, “Exchange of Information.” This is precisely what happens at the Alessi Seminar. We all learn from each other and there is a great sense of collegiality among all who attend. Those who have been with us will attest that the information shared is the most crucial to success on the instrument. The list of past attendees reads like a “Who’s Who…” in the trombone world. You could be included in that list! The Alessi Seminar generates international interest and players have come from many countries. Nearly 500 trombonists have attended the Seminar, representing ages 15-80 years of age and have included high school students, weekend warriors, professional orchestra/studio players and educators. There is something valuable for everyone. If you are wondering if you can afford to attend the Alessi Seminar, may we suggest that you cannot afford NOT to attend. According to our feedback, it has been the most important experience of many people’s playing and teaching career.
In 2011, the Alessi Seminar was bestowed the
President’s Award by the International Trombone Association for outstanding contributions to the art of trombone playing.

We look forward to seeing you in Eugene!